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Yulia Nikitenko, Elite trainer of World Class Zhukovka, a member and a presenter of Russian and international fitness conventions and seminars

As a trainer I am primarily interested in result. Before recommending a product to my trainees I carefully study all the researches and reviews on it. When combined with fitness activity Enhel Water increases physical load and lowers release of lactic acid into muscle tissue. This also leads to rise in muscle endurance, advances body recovery and eases muscle constraint and pain syndrome in the morning. Japanese health professionals refer this effect to Enhel Water containing hydrogen in therapeutic concentration 1,1ppm and being additionally injected with gaseous hydrogen. Hydrogen in this concentration is a powerful antioxidant decreasing oxidative effect on muscle tissue and lactic acid cells which are produced in muscles during heavy physical activity. Its powerful antioxidative process is also beneficial to those who always wanted to lose weight. For example, the manicure technician from our beauty spa, Tatiana Krasnova has lost 5 kg during one month of drinking hydrogen water, and there are plenty other examples. This has been confirmed not only by Japanese scientists who are the world’s strongest biochemists but also by my clients who I watch day after day.

It is surprising that such common thing as quality of drinking water is neglected in our country even by those who tend to take care of their health. I am glad that products like Enhel Water help changing our attitude towards basic elements of beauty and health. Considering revitalizing action of Enhel Water we can predict bright future for the technology of double-enrichment with hydrogen.


Lidia Kan, Managing director of SPA and Wellness clinic M’Istra’L Hotel & SPA

The latest Japanese developments are now available in our country, and we can improve our health by drinking hydrogen water!

As a part of detox-programmes our wellness clinic now starts cooperating with ENHEL, the provider of Enhel Water generators. Enhel Water is Japanese patented technology of producing hydrogen water which is the strongest antioxidant with prophylactic therapeutic effect due to double-enrichment with hydrogen, neutral pH and high ORP (-500 mV). Within the clinic’s program our patients get a special container which keeps hydrogen in water longer. Everyday hydrogen water is injected in a container. It is recommended to drink at least 1 l of hydrogen water daily.

Why did we choose Enhel Water as a part of a body purification program?

  • Hydrogen is the best antioxidant: only its small molecule is able to pass through biological membranes and eliminate free radicals providing better purification and cell regeneration.
  • Hydrogen water is beneficial to a human body and also prevents such disorders as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, arthritis, arthrosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral affection, acute pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis, etc.
  • Any other mineral water intake has contraindications while Enhel Water has no contraindications and no side effects.
  • Hydrogen decreases metabolic syndrome: by reducing oxidative stress in tissues it boosts processing of fats which leads to body correction and weight reduction.
  • Hydrogen water slows down ageing caused by oxidative stress.
  • Hydrogen is the best conductor of medications, vitamins, macro-, and micro-elements.
  • Enhel Water generator was manufactured by order of Japanese health institutions. Enhel Water has therapeutic concentration of hydrogen due to the patented technology of double-enrichment with hydrogen: in dissolved and gaseous forms.

How hydrogen water influences our patient?

  • Normalization of blood pressure, release of headaches
  • Decrease of chronic fatigue, increase of energy, stress reduction, decrease of meteosensitivity
  • Boost of immune system
  • Decrease of allergic reactions
  • Loss of excessive weight while keeping regular diet and lifestyle
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Decrease of pain syndrome after intensive training
  • Sleep normalization.

Now everyone can improve health and maintain active lifestyle after completing our purification course. You can buy Enhel Water generator and drink hydrogen water every day!


Professor Gennadiy Konovalov, Chief Scientific Officer of MEDSI Group of Companies, President of Scientific Committee of MEDSI Group of Companies, Head of the Center for Diagnostics and Innovation health technology

Observing 6 patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 who consumed 1,5-2 l of Enhel Water daily for 3-6 months we revealed that 4 of them had blood glucose level decreased, and for 2 of them hydrogen water enabled to lower drug dosage.

One of the patients eventually had his blood glucose level normalized; three of the observed patients managed to lose 2-3 kg. This is our first and rather promising experience of applying Enhel Water and we expect to achieve good results for such type of patients. What is reassuring is that there are a lot of scientific works in top international medical magazines representing positive results of applying Enhel Water for treating patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Hydrogen water Enhel Water protects DNA cells from free radicals. Any stress, including intensive training or time pressure at work, results in great amount of active forms of oxygen appearing in human body. A substance evolving during this process is called marker of oxidative stress and can be measured. Test revealed that Enhel Water decreases oxidative stress (which causes DNA damage) by 20%. There are more than a thousand research works describing effects of hydrogen water.


Olga Slutsker, Founder and President of the World Class fitness chain

I am glad to see that the World Class fitness members start taking complex measures to care of their health and not only their looks. I mean active applying of therapeutic hydrogen water Enhel Water which became a common thing in Japan 4 years ago.

Hydrogen water Enhel Water influences human body both outside and inside. The members of our clubs willingly buy passes for hydrogen water and have cosmetic procedures based on hydrogen water. The efficiency is obvious: any treatment based on Enhel Water provides excellent effect due to the small size and high speed of a hydrogen molecule. This enables beneficial substances of cosmetic packs getting into deep layers of epidermis which is practically impossible in case of procedures based on ordinary and even mineral water.

Moreover, drinking Enhel Water significantly improves general condition, reduces excessive weight, and increases stress resistance. This effect can be observed after one month of consuming Enhel Water due to its impressive antioxidant action. Almost everyone who buys a pass for Enhel Water for several weeks then come back to buy a pass for half a year or a year; some buy a generator for personal at-home use.

I personally drink Enhel Water for several months. I have chosen Enhel Water generator knowing that it was developed by order of Japanese health institutions and provides hydrogen-enrichment in therapeutic concentration 0,6-1,1ppm. It is scientifically proved that lower concentration is not efficient enough to achieve health-improvement and rejuvenation.

It matters a good deal to me that getting into our body hydrogen water destroys the main reason for ageing which are hydroxyl radicals. Japan is the country with the largest number of long-livers mainly because of Japanese healthcare technologies which we are glad to present to our clients.


Alena Chesnova , Cosmetologist in Aldo Coppola beauty salon

Hydrogen water is used in Japan to improve quality and efficiency of cosmetic procedures for more than 3 years. Clinical studies proved that hydrogen water provides six times as much hydration and enables delivery of cosmetic substances into deep layers of epidermis due to the small size of hydrogen molecule. Beauty salons Aldo Coppola were the first in Russia to use this technology for cosmetic procedures. Cosmetologist Alena Chesnokova shares the new revolutionary method: “We apply hydrogen water in all procedures which were initially based on original water or other dissolvent: masks for face, hair, and body. Hydrogen helps nutrient substances efficiently get into the hair structure and deep layers of epidermis which provides much better result. Moreover, spraying skin with hydrogen water reduces irritation and provides rapid regeneration after invasive procedures such as peeling, cleaning, and using various scrubs. Hydrogen water also increases efficiency of electroporation, electrophoresis, ultrasound phonophoresis, wrap, and collagenous agents. Hydrogen water is applied as an activator for collagenous plastifying masks, used during wraps and massage: it is recommended to drink 250 ml of hydrogen water before and after the procedure. This provides efficient lymphatic drainage, improves microcirculation and metabolism, increases level of skin humidity and elasticity, boosts regeneration and health improvement.


Titel Yulia, Head Doctor of antiaging clinic “The Fifth Element”

“The Fifth Element” was the first clinic in Russia to carry out detoxication and weight loss procedures based on the groundbreaking Japanese technology: hydrogen water Enhel Water. Enhel Water is pure drinking water enriched with hydrogen in therapeutic concentration. It acts as a delivery agent of hydrogen to a human body. Molecular hydrogen is currently the most efficient and safe antioxidant which is scientifically proved by more than 400 research studies carried out in Japan, China, USA, South Korea, Great Britain, Serbia, and other countries. Detoxicative properties of hydrogen are based on its ability to neutralize harmful destructive impact made on liver, pancreas and kidneys by active oxygen cell of hydroxyl-radical which is the main oxidant influencing ageing rate. Enhel Water helps reduce toxicosis of any nature, including toxicosis of pregnancy and alcoholic intoxication.

Enhel Water has also proved very helpful during weight loss programs. Hydrogen’s ability to improve function of liver and pancreas cells leads to decrease in level of glucose and low-density lipoproteins (so-called ‘bad’ cholesterine) which in its turn results in normalization of metabolism and reduction of excessive weight.

It is also remarkable that Enhel Water has no contraindications and side effects. It can be recommended to adults, seniors, children (including new-born), and pregnant women.


Nafisa Gadelshina, Head Doctor of Wellness clinic M’Istra’L Hotel & SPA

Have you even wanted to see the other world? The world of blood cells and plasma. Would you look inside yourself on-line to see if your cells are comfortable and fully functional? Is there any intoxication or not? Live blood analysis (microscopy of a native blood drop) gives us the possibility to see an exciting movie about life of blood cells.

Blood is a unique biological liquid which reflects the condition of our whole internal environment. Blood sustains metabolism, delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and removes carbon dioxide and toxins, including hydroxyl-radicals.

Enhel Water is antioxidant. It is enriched with hydrogen molecules which neutralize OH-radicals and block pathologic oxidation and destruction of healthy cells. This results in normalization of metabolism in all cells, tissues and organs. Hydrogen water improves quality of life of patients, protects healthy people from diseases and increases longevity.

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