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A device producing hydrogen-rich water
A hydrogen molecule is the best
due to its small size and
the unique ability
to penetrate body cells
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the principle of hydrogen-rich water

  • Increases activity
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
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not a medicine or biological active supplement

Health hazards
posed by the environment

Low quality of air
and drinking water


Bad habits


Radiation impact


Foodstuffs saturated
with chemical agents

All these factors lead to
overabundance of oxidants in out bodies
It means:
  • !
  • !
    of chronic
  • !
  • !
  • !
    Risk of cancerous
the best

Our internal anti-oxidant molecules are not capable of protecting body
from free radicals on their own.

Anti-oxidants present in foodstuffs, vitamins or dietary supplements

do not have a pronounced effect. They are too large,
so they cannot penetrate a cell.

Only the hydrogen molecule, due to its small size,
is capable of infiltrating the cell wall
and neutralizing free radicals.

How hydrogen
influences the body
After reaching oxygen particles,
free hydrogen molecules
block processes of oxidation
of healthy body cells.
When hydrogen-rich water is administered, processes
of regeneration and rejuvenation of the entire body are launched immediately:
For beauty and youth
  • improving the condition of
    the skin, hair and nails
  • skin protection
    against UV rays
  • strengthening of
    cosmetic products action
  • eduction of inflammation,
    age spots, allergic reactions
    of the skin
  • gentle and safe body
    purification of toxins
  • a marked correction of
    facial and body contouring
  • reduction of cellulite
    and fatty deposits
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • getting rid of overweight
  • slow down the aging process
  • increase of body hydration
    is 6 times as compared
    with normal water
To Improve Energy
  • restoration of
    energy balance
  • lack of fatigue
  • preventing the
    accumulation of
    lactic acid in muscles
  • reducing the damage risk
    to the organs, tissues and DNA
  • ability to safely
    increase the athletic workouts
  • the weakening of
    inflammatory processes
  • improving the efficiency
    of training
  • fast recovery
    after exercise activity
  • improved muscle tone
  • healthy and safe
    weight loss
  • increase of endurance
To Improve The Quality Of Life
  • promotes the normalization
    of blood pressure
  • elimination
    of chronic fatigue
  • strengthening bones
    and joints
  • improving
  • mitigation
    of allergic
  • prevention
    of chronic
  • stress
  • memory
  • reduction of meteosensitivity
How did the humanity find out
about the influence of hydrogen on the body?

Scientific community
is disappointed
in common

By 2007, the scientific community had been completely disappointed in common anti-oxidants that enter human bodies with food, as dietary supplements and vitamins. Research demonstrates that common antioxidants comprise large-size molecules that are unable to penetrate a cell and prevent oxidation.

of large-scale research

of properties and parameters
of hydrogen-rich water

While looking for a new treatment of oxidative stress, scientist discovered an article devoted to the influence of hydrogen on the body by a professor of a Japanese medical academy, Mr. Shigeo Ota, published in Nature Medicine Magazine. Scientists appreciated the unique capability of hydrogen to act at the cellular level due to the small size of its molecule.

Article published in
«Nature Medicine»
on the influence
of hydrogen on human body

Japan, USA and Southern Korea experienced a boom of research of hydrogen’s anti-oxidative influence on living cells. Research was performed on 38 modeled and actual diseases and conditions on cellular models, rodents and people, leading to positive results.

Breakthrough of Japanese
who received

When scientists from a number of countries obtained specific results of application of hydrogen-rich water, the issue of the most efficient device for its production arose. In this respect, Enhel Water device (supplier of hydrogen-rich water) by the Japanese company SUISOSUM undoubtedly took the leading position. This device is considered to be the best based on a number of parameters, since it uses technologies of double saturation of water with hydrogen.
Enhel Water device
operation principle
Stage 1
Stage 1.Purification

Water is supplied from the water main or
a bottle and passes through filters.
The carbon filter removes chlorine admixtures
and odors from water.

Stage 2
Stage 2. Cooling

After purification, water
arrives to the holding reservoir
divided into 2 sections. In one section
water is cooled, in the other it is stored at room
temperature. After that, if the cooling section
is filled, water is transferred
to the warming reservoir.

Stage 3
Stage 3. Double saturation

From the cooling reservoir water
is supplied to the electrolytic plate.

During the electrolysis process, double saturation
of water with hydrogen – in diluted and
gaseous forms – takes place.

Before pouring water to the reservoir,
gaseous hydrogen is additionally pumped
into the water already enriched
with hydrogen in order to
achieve maximum
possible saturation.

Enhel Water
for your family
General characteristics of Enhel Water (H2 Water Server)
  • Immediate delivery of ready-to-drink
    hydrogen-rich water
  • 3 improved filters
  • Hot and cold drinking
    and cooking water
  • Notification of disconnection
    of water supply
  • Option of connection
    to the water main
  • Automatic purification
    in 25 seconds, if necessary
  • No restrictions
    as to consumption volume
  • Neutral pH factor
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Mobil desktop model with a cooler
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Container for preservation of
properties of hydrogen-rich water - H2 Bag

Do you engage
in sports for a long
period of time?

Planning to take a trip?

Do you need to always
have water on hand?

It makes no sense to store hydrogen-rich water in common glass or containers.

Small size of hydrogen molecules lets them to escape even the hermetically sealed plastic containers.

The material used in H2 Bag is impenetrable for hydrogen molecules, permitting to maintain effective hydrogen concentration.

H2-Bag container has a special back pressure valve that prevents air coming inside, even when you are drinking.

All these preserve hydrogen concentration and all useful properties of water.

It is perfect for:
  • Playing
  • Office scene
  • Car
  • Recreation
  • Home
2 packages of H2-BAG
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the accuracy of the results of
scientific studies
published on the site

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